What and where is Assembly District 73

Am I in Distict 73?

You can find out what your district is by going to the "find your rep" website sponsored by the state of California.

Distict 73 Maps

Simple map

Detailed census map

Please see the Wikipedia article for a full breakdown of what the district is and which cities are included.

What if I am *not* in District 73?

If you want to help your fellow CA progressives, you can find out which district you are in and where to vote at the following website: California Progressives: ADEMS voting information guide.

Slate Card/Pamphlet Downloads

Below is the front and back of our printed slate card. Feel free to download the images and forward them. If you want actual physical cards, please Contact Us.

What Are Delegates?

Delegates are elected positions within the Democratic party. They are required to meet at state conventions, some attend national conventions, and many are often invited to meet at local gatherings to hear the concerns of the community. Delegates represent the community by pushing specific platforms, endorsing candidates running for office, and holding elected officials accountable to their constituency. Every assembly district must elect 7 women & 7 men as delegates. All ADEMs are volunteers and either personally pay or raise money in order to attend the Democratic Caucus meetings.

The Unity in the Community slate wants balanced delegate representation from all three congressional districts (45, 48, and 49) within the 73rd district. This is in order to maximize the communication, coordination, and *accountability* of all elected congressional representatives in our districts.

What is ADEM?

ADEM stands for Assembly District Election Meetings, which are held every two years to elect local delegates to represent their local communities to the CA Democratic party.

For more detailed information on what ADEM does and how it works, please visit the following pages:
ADEM Description/Introduction
ADEM Tools & Forms