Below is more information on the various issues that our slate stands for.

  • Mission Issues are those around which the slate was formed.
  • Additional Issues are those that one or more candidates have incorporated into their personal platform.

Mission Issues

Clean Money Financing and Endorsements

We will stand firmly against the influence of corporate interest money within the California Democratic Party and the endorsements of candidates and initiatives therein.

We advocate and support full transparency in the campaign financing process. An independence in fact is as important as independence in appearance. We commit to stay well informed on policies and activities that are supported by candidates.

Represent and Advocate for Marginalized Communities

We will actively work to advocate for -and amplify voices of- marginalized communities within California, and push back against any xenophobic practices/policies/legislation proposed or executed both within and outside of the party.

Holding Elected Officials Accountable and Accessible

We are committed to increasing the transparency and accessibility of the California Democratic Party, and to hold our elected representatives accountable to their promises and responsibilities to our community.

Additional Issues

  1. Single Payer Healthcare for All
  2. Ratification of UNCRC, ERA and CEDAW at all levels
  3. Citizen's right to Quality Free Public Education, Debt-free Higher Education and Affordable Housing
  4. Establish Sustainable Solutions for Global Warming
  5. Sensible Gun Controls
  6. Comprehensive Immigration Reform that protects DACA
  7. Overturn Citizens United
  8. Eradicate Homelessness
  9. Stand Up to Xenophobia, Violence and Hate rhetoric and practices.
  10. Remove all barriers of voting